Get Access to Your Linksys Router Web-Based Setup Page & Secure Your Network

Get Access to Your Linksys Router Web-Based Setup Page & Secure Your Network

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To setup, your router requires proper knowledge regarding its configuration & setup steps. Once you configure your router, it lets you customize basic to advance setting of your router. Your router has a number of settings or features that are helpful for entertainment, work or networking. You can configure your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router via device web page. So, you can perform different tasks from router dashboard. You can switch amid dynamic & static IP addresses, change firewall & network security settings or can apply firmware updates.

Next time when you try changing the setting of Linksys smart Wi-Fi router, gain the access to device interface.  Our today’s article is about to provide important information on Linksys router login. Linksys router login is the first step after you setup your router. First, we will start with how to access router user interface. Go through the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Access Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router User Interface

  •    Make sure you use Hardware connection from your Computer to router.
  •    Your Router’s web-based setup page requires stable connection & it prevents likely access to other Linksys router in an area.
  •    Your Linksys router doesn’t need the use of intersecting or straight-through cables because of auto-sensing capability.
  •    If you have a wireless device to access web-based setup page then, ensure your device is connected to router Wi-Fi.
  •    Power your Router before you head towards Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router User Interface.
  •    Keep handy Router or Admin Password that requires accessing the web-based setup page. Let’s suppose you forgot Router or Admin Password then, you have to reset your router back to factory default setting. Learn how to access reset router to factory default setting or Linksys router login from our Experts.

Begin Accessing Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Web-based Setup Page

  •    Take a computer & open a web browser on your device. Now, enter Router IP address into browser address bar & then press Enter. In case, Your Router IP Address doesn’t work then, check what your IP address or you haven’t changed it earlier.
  •    Next, you will get a Linksys router login prompt window, provide it Login credentials.
  •    The password is Admin, In case you haven’t changed your router IP address.

You are on Linksys smart Wi-Fi web-based setup page. From Here you can start modification in your router settings. We will start now with changing Router admin password to enhance the security of Linksys smart Wi-Fi router. Router admin password helps in preventing unauthorized devices or person to hack your personal information. If anyone has your router password, they can change your router setting without your permission. Experts strongly recommend to router users to change router default admin password at initial setup to avoid such threats. Usually, hackers know your router default password, because it is accessible at online sites. There are numerous online sites that provide default router password with respective router model also.  Your Linksys router login default password is admin that every hacker might know. So, it is better to change it as soon as you configure your router.  You can reset your router back to the default setting in case you forget router password. Or you can change router password via accessing router web-based setup page.  Now, take a look at steps by which you can change router password after you do Linksys router login.

Method to Change Linksys Router’s Administrator Password

  •    Start with opening a web browser on your computer or wireless device that is connected to router network.
  •    Type Router IP address, in the browser address bar & press enter.
  •    When you receive Linksys router login prompt window, enter Router login credentials. If you made any changes in Login credentials in the past then enter the customized password.
  •    Now, those who didn’t make any changes enter default login credentials.
  •    After entering username & password, go to Administration tab & click on it.
  •    Next, brand new password & re-enter new password to verify.
  •    Click on Save settings & then click on the continue button to proceed to next page.
  •    Next time, whenever you try to access router user interface enter this modified Password.

By above-mentioned steps, you can start securing your wireless network. If you have any query or question regarding these steps then, contact our experts on the toll-free number. We have a 24/7 active team that is always there to help you regarding your router & extenders. You can contact the team for Linksys router login and can know how you can utilize your router to the fullest. If you think you need live interaction with the team then approach team for the same. They can assist you via Live Chat Support window also. You can also help us in improving customer service through your valuable comments & feedback. So, keep posting your views and comments in the comment box.

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