Linksys smart Wi-Fi

Linksys smart Wi-Fi routers are easy to setup due to router Smart Setup Wizard. Smart Setup Wizard is implanted in the router firmware. You can utilize Smart setup wizard even if your router doesn’t have an internet connection. Even after setting up by smart setup wizard Linksys smart Wi-Fi user experiences dropping wireless connections issue. It feels so irritated every time when you see signals gets vanished completely at the time of work. No doubt, It is a common issue, which every router user face sooner or later. No doubt it is a common issue but to overcome the issue requires much effort.

You can overcome the issue easily if you know the actual cause behind it. So, go through our today’s page.  Unable to get a wireless connection at all is the main topic of our today page discussion. Not only this, we have come up with the tips by which you can troubleshoot the issue. In order to just keep restarting your computer & router, try to fix the problem by our simple tips. Our troubleshooting tips will save your time & will help in avoiding the delay in work.

Have you ever wondered why wireless connection amid your devices & Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers gets dropped?  If your answer is no then, check our below given possible reason behind connection issue.

Reason Behind Dropping of Wireless Connections

  •    Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Size
  •    Frequency interference from other wireless devices
  •    Low signal quality received from your wireless router
  •    Router’s firmware needs an upgrade  

These are the common reason for Dropping of Wireless Connection. So, let’s take a look at the possible solutions for the above given reasons. Before that make sure your wireless computer or device has a stable connection while connecting to other wireless networks. To examine the issue, you need to check wireless connectivity of other wireless devices & computer within the network. In order to do that, contact our experts for more information.

Regulate the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size

To start with adjusting Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size, first, understand what function it has in wireless connection. MTU size identifies that largest packet size that is allowed for an internet broadcast. Exact MTU size is required so that user get the best output for their network. So, to receive accurate throughput for the network, regulate the MTU size. Take timely assistance from our team regarding how to get maximum internet transmission for Linksys smart Wi-Fi router.

Decrease Wireless Interference

One of the biggest reasons for weak Wi-Fi signal & connection is interference. This interference can come from other objects such as metal objects, thick walls, Electronic gadgets or filing cabinets etc. It results into dead zones into home & office. Being too far from key wireless signal source also do negative effect on signal strength. So, It is important to prevent your router from these interferences.

Check if, your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router working on the similar frequency on which your other devices are functioning. To overcome this issue, try to alter router’s channel to 1 or 11, they are measured as non-overlapping channels. By default, your router channel is 6.


Linksys smart Wi-Fi

Physical Obstacles

Losing wireless connectivity among your router or wireless computers can be due to physical obstacles. Physical obstructions are floors and thick walls. So, change the location of your computer to get better signals Try to place the computer at the center of your house.


Linksys smart Wi-Fi

To solve the physical obstacle issue, you can change the place of your routers as well. Place Your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router. Place router as high off the ground as possible. While placing router high off the ground, leave a space of 2 feet among router antenna tips & ceiling/wall. If your house has multiple floors than place router on the upper-most floor & on a high place.

Not only this, Keep your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router away from any metal items. Especially avoid the area where you placed any fish tank or the nearby bathroom. Electrical gadgets such as microwaves, television sets & radios also need to put away from your Router.

Modify Wireless Settings of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

If your Linksys router still has the default wireless setting than it may cause conflict with other Linksys routers. So, change your router default wireless setting enable wireless security. Experts suggest using WPA™ or WPA2™-Personal as a security key. Apart from providing better security, security key will form a steady connection with wireless devices, particularly those devices with Latest technology.  

To know more about reasons that dropping wireless connection between your devices and Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router, contact our team.  Feel free to place a call on our toll-free number 24/7. We have a team who has years of experience in solving router issues. The team works round the clock to provide the solution to your queries. If you wish to have live interaction with the team than approach team for live chat support window. You are welcome to post comments & suggestions in the comment box. We value your feedback that helps us in the long run.

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