Linksys Router Setup

 Before setting up any machine, you require knowledge, about that particular gadget features, & setting, so that, chances of mistakes gets fewer. This is the reason, you will get many customers supportive unit, that promise to help out users, but very few are, genuine or able to work out, in the time of needs. So, we at router login support are helping, Router users since a long time. Today, we have come up with the steps by which users can easily carry out Linksys router setup via with Cable Internet Service on a classic web-based setup page. It can be done by both by inserting installation CD or manually configuring Linksys router’s settings.

The user will require, using Linksys Connect Software, in a case of Linksys Wi-Fi Routers & Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers. Just before, starting configuring Linksys router setup, make sure you know the type of Internet connection, you are using, if you don’t know, then just don’t do anything, except contacting your ISP, internet service provider.

In order to perform, Linksys router setup, use your computer & complete the following points.

  • Verifying that Internet connection is active.

  • Connecting devices together.
  • Checking the router’s LEDs.
  • Configuring a Linksys router for Cable Internet connection. / Linksys router setup

Now, we will start, by verifying whether the internet connection is active, or not, it is because, without the internet connectivity, you can’t perform any steps. So, ensuring Internet connection is a must. First, connect a computer, with Cable modem by the use of Ethernet cable. In case, your computer is receiving, internet connection, now you can precede further, to Linksys router setup. Or else, contact ISP. / Linksys router setup

Next, connect the device with each other, & attach Cable modem, with router’s WAN or Internet port. Now, join computer with any of router’s numerical ports. In case, you are making use of a wireless computer, then you will require, connecting, it first with an Ethernet cable. And then, attach power adapter, with router to power socket. / Linksys router setup

Check, Linksys Router’s LEDs. Once connecting the devices, with each other, verify lights on the front section, of Linksys router.  Make sure, those lights parallel to ports, where the Ethernet cables are connected to be lightish.

Now, start configuring a Linksys router, for Cable Internet connection. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • So, begin with accessing, router’s web-based setup page. Launch, browser of your choice and, enter into web browser, Address bar, Linksys router IP address and hit enter. / Linksys router setup
  • Next, you will ask for entering, default username & password. Leave blank, username & enter Password in Password field & click OK. In case, you received an error message, saying that you have entered, the wrong password, then access Linksys router’s web-based setup page once again, and fill correct password. Or, in case you forgot the password, then take assistance, from our team via, the toll-free number. / Linksys router setup
  • Next, go to Setup tab & click directly on MAC Address Clone.
  • Now, choose Enabled next click on Clone My PC’s MAC. / Linksys router setup
  • And now click, on Save setting, for saving settings done by you.

For more left over steps, you can take assistance, from our expert team router login support team, on the toll-free number. Our team is operating 24/7, days a week. So, you can call them, anytime you want. We also have a facility, of live chat support with our expert team. If you are interested in interacting, live with our team, then go for it. Or if, you want to drop query message, in a comment box, then you also can do that. Our team will revert back, to you at the earliest.

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